Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chef Roberto's Magical Cooking Show

Chef Roberto's Magic Show was held at the Canby Public Library on July 30, 2008 to an audience of 26 children and adults. The program was chock full of Crazy Cookery, Unbelievable Magic, and Terrific Books. Robert and Lynn Halbrook presented a fun program as he talked about how he started learning Magic from books he borrowed from the Public Library. He previewed about 12 books and helped promote reading and the summer reading program. Each child was greeted as they came in the door and he visited with as many as possible before the program started. He turned a dove into a rabbit, makes the rabbit disappear, and cooks a cake. Acting as the Chef's Assistant, helpers will magically discover amazing results from this myriad of mishaps in the kitchen. After the program the everyone was invited to pet the magic animals and taste a piece of magic candy. This was a fun and entertaining hour enjoyed by adults and children.

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