Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Banned Book Week

2007 Banned Books Week: Ahoy! Treasure Your Freedom to Read and Get Hooked on a Banned Book
Banned book Week this year is From September 29 through October 6, 2007.

Come to the library during Banned Book week and check out some of the books that patrons have deemed unacceptable for a library. Some of the titles can be viewed on the American Library Assiciation website:


Yes, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is still on the list as is "Where the Wild Things Are" and "1984". How many of these books have you read. I was amazed by how many I have read and could find no reason to challange them. Can you figure out why they might have been challanged? Some of the reasons could be; sexual content, religion, violence, homosexual theme, occult, language, unsuitable age group. Which themes can you pick out for some on the list.

For an indepth look at some of the titles listed over the last few years take a look at the Google search for titles listed below.


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