Monday, August 20, 2007

Wow a Wii

Wow, a Wii in the library? What is a Wii? It is an interactive gaming system made by Nintendo. The system is new to the gaming world as it is interactive which means the player actually has to work his whole body to play the game. Why in the library? After attending a workshop on changes in libraries, the statement was made that you have to get them in the building before you can educate them as to what is available. It was stated that kids today are wired...wired into the Internet, the telephone with text messaging, into their ipods, or cd players. They communicate via chat lines such as MSN, and Yahoo, they text message, they communicate through the new online gaming systems, all the while listening to music, watching movies, and visiting. If we as a library are going to survive, we have to change with the times and allow people to use their electronic devices. Thus, the Wii and Xbox have made their ways into the library. Already it is are coming in who didn't know we existed before and they are getting library cards and checking out books.

This is an experiment. It may fail, but if it gets one kid in the door, checking out books and reading, then it is a success. Wish us luck. We only have one system going at this time as our television had to be returned as it was defective. But soon, there will be a choice of an Xbox or a Wii. Come in and see the changes.

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